It’s not exactly a spectator sport

I’m probably going to be doing my swim on or soon after the 12th July. I don’t know the exact time or date. I just have to be ready for the call from Tim, which I imagine will go something like:

“Riccardo, you alright matey? How are you feeling? How are your shoulders? How are your hip flexors?  Fancy a dip? Get your kit together, we’re going!”

To which I promptly empty my bowels.

I could be  setting off at 2 am or 4 pm. It all depends on the weather and the tide. 

Hopefully I will have a bit of notice, but it will probably be with ing 12 hours. 

There’s a good chance the only people available to see me off or greet me on my return from the swim are my coach and crew. 

It’s quite a solitary pursuit this channel swimming.