Tom Gregory, channel swimmer, aged 11

Here is a wonderful magazine article about a Tom Gregory who, in 1988, swam  the channel when he was just  11 years old. Its not just about Tom, but also his inspirational coach John Bullet and Eltham Swimming Club  he founded

/////The club was run by John Bullet, the manager of the local pool. He could be difficult – “old school, like Brian Clough”, says Tom. But he changed people’s lives.

“He used to boast – and this was the 1980s, remember – that no-one who’d been through his club was unemployed,” says Tom. “By any standard, he was a world-class coach, and he was operating out of a council pool in south-east London. He took kids from estates and helped them do amazing things.”/////

Tom Gregory, BBC Magazine article 02/02/2016


You can also listen to an interview with him on the BBC radio programme Saturday Live (broadcast on 16/04/16)

Tom Gregory, BBC radio interview 16/02/2016

The interview is in 3 parts interspersed with other content. to skip to the interview directly  use the following in/out points:

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