The Up

Had a one hour swim at London Fields Lido this morning and then met up with Tim, for lunch. We had a long discussion about pain management and different strategies to help me maintain focus during my  swim. 

He also gave me an in depth explanation the various factors that need to be taken into account in order to ensure a successful crossing, including timing my swim to make best use of the changing tide. 

As always, he was very encouraging and positive . 

Then I had an appointment with my osteo Sam Burch at Fix, who did some more work on my shoulder and arm.

Then I returned to the lido for 4 hour swim.

Now I’m home stuffing my face.

Feeling good!



People ask me how far it is to swim.

The thing is,  its not really a matter of distance, but time . 

When swimming against the tide one does not really go forward. One just swims on the spot, as if running on a treadmill. 

The question should be how long will it take to swim. How long will I last?

The longest swim so far is around 27 hours. 

I hope to be able to do it in 40