Just before I go

I’m at studio now, trying to get my head around some technical issues for a mobile phone piece I’m working on. Its not going well. All i can think about is swimming. I didn’t swim today, though. I took advice and chose to rest. Active rest = studio work

Anyway, I should go home soon, to eat, and sleep.

I’ve been saying that for hours. Must go home.

Now its dark.

Anyway, before i go..

I was just reading an earlier post Good Swim (26/03/16) where i write a few words about feeling. What it means to feel the water.

Feeling, I should point out, is how I interface and manage my connection with the water. (I’m probably stating the obvious, but I think its better to state the obvious than to overlook it. )

Feeling, physical contact and motion, is a feedback process essential for self assessment and correction of stroke in relation to changing conditions of body, mind and environment.

The sense of touch  is necessary to monitor body  position in the water.

I’m just remembering the long sea swims I did in 2012 in Folkestone. It was cold. Very cold. I had to remember to wriggle my fingers and my toes to stop them going numb.

They did go numb, though and there were times when my mind would drift away and i would lose my  sense of time, place and direction

There. I’ve said it

Feeling water

numbing cold



*Need sleep and eat now, back to training tomorrow!





Edges provide useful points of reference for locating ones self space. Without edges there is no difference, just flatness and monotony. There is no divide to cross, no changing state.

I once spent 3 hours in a darkroom preparing 16mm negative for a film laboratory in Toronto.  It was the first time I had done this and was quite stressfull as the film was was being prepared for a project somewhere far away and remote and there was the risk that if I didn’t wind the emulsion the correct way then all the footage shot would turn out blank.

It was disorientating to be deprived of light for such a long time while trying to perform a delicate task of  film handling . I had to rely heavily on my sense of touch and my memory.

I rely on sight as much as the body relies on the force of gravity

Without sight or gravity things stop working properly , food doesn’t go down, memories fail to form. It is harder to recall .

Where was I?

Oh yes, swimming.

In dialogue with the sea

and moon

Sensing, breathing, moving,  thinking