Urgh – Oh!

I had three swims today which i know was too much as I still have a groin injury and am supposed to be resting!

My first swim was this morning at 7am,  training with my clothes on.

The second was at the London Fields Lido where i had a 45 minute swim combining drills with 100 metres sets- slow – easy- focussing on improving technique.

My third swim was again at the lido and mainly consisted of 100 metre swims – easy /80 minutes.

I do sense an improvement in my stroke. It feels more relaxed and energy efficient, but my groin is still causing problems.

My main problem is lack of self disciple, impatience and

oh yes

I’m a bloody fool!


Remember: High Elbow

Tim had a look at my stroke on Sunday. Apparently my left arm (or is it my right) swing out really wide on the recovery and I am over extending in the catch phase,  wasting a lot of energy and placing  unnecessary strain on my shoulder by  pulling through with a straight arm.

The wide stroke, obviously contributes to drag, which I need to avoid. Narrowing my profile, making my body streamline, as if trying to thread it through the eye of a needle is the way to go. So I need to practise.

My  main challenge at the moment is not over extending in the catch phase of the hand entry, but entering the water closer to my shoulder.

My stroke was much better about three years ago, but has deteriorated, possibly as a consequence of overtraining and fatigue. By over training I mean swimming excessively, often without adequate hydration, nutrition or rest. Also failing to stretch and do regular dry side exercises.

The advantage of using a high elbow catch is that it encourages better shoulder rotation, engagement of the lats and shallow pull. This keeps the body shallow, i.e. on the surface of the water as opposed to under the water and reduces drag.