Edges provide useful points of reference for locating ones self space. Without edges there is no difference, just flatness and monotony. There is no divide to cross, no changing state.

I once spent 3 hours in a darkroom preparing 16mm negative for a film laboratory in Toronto.  It was the first time I had done this and was quite stressfull as the film was was being prepared for a project somewhere far away and remote and there was the risk that if I didn’t wind the emulsion the correct way then all the footage shot would turn out blank.

It was disorientating to be deprived of light for such a long time while trying to perform a delicate task of  film handling . I had to rely heavily on my sense of touch and my memory.

I rely on sight as much as the body relies on the force of gravity

Without sight or gravity things stop working properly , food doesn’t go down, memories fail to form. It is harder to recall .

Where was I?

Oh yes, swimming.

In dialogue with the sea

and moon

Sensing, breathing, moving,  thinking