Edges provide useful points of reference for locating ones self space. Without edges there is no difference, just flatness and monotony. There is no divide to cross, no changing state.

I once spent 3 hours in a darkroom preparing 16mm negative for a film laboratory in Toronto.  It was the first time I had done this and was quite stressfull as the film was was being prepared for a project somewhere far away and remote and there was the risk that if I didn’t wind the emulsion the correct way then all the footage shot would turn out blank.

It was disorientating to be deprived of light for such a long time while trying to perform a delicate task of  film handling . I had to rely heavily on my sense of touch and my memory.

I rely on sight as much as the body relies on the force of gravity

Without sight or gravity things stop working properly , food doesn’t go down, memories fail to form. It is harder to recall .

Where was I?

Oh yes, swimming.

In dialogue with the sea

and moon

Sensing, breathing, moving,  thinking




I will be swimming between 8-20 July 2016.

All my training and preparation is for this one event:

A single width of the English Channel;

no stopping and starting;

no resting for TV dinners;

no kissing or cuddling.

One width.

One continuous, uninterrupted line.

(After Merz)



There is no specific date for my swim  because  other swimmers are cued to cross before me.

If their swims are delayed due to bad weather, this affects the timing of my swim. So I have to be ready, flexible, adaptable.

Unlike a marathon run where the course route and distance  are fixed , the distance, timing and path of a Channel swim are governed by swim speed, changing weather conditions and tide.

The shortest distance from England to France is 21 miles in a straight line. When I swim however,  the distance covered will be much longer due to the force of the current which will force me off course. The line I take will be in the form of an S-shape.

There is also the matter of the changing tide. One hears of swimmers arriving within a couple of miles of the French coast and having to swim on the spot for hours because the tide has turned against them.

The question is,  how will I perform when my mind and body at their limits. How will I cope with losing my sense of gravity and place?  With pain?


I’ve been there before, all those endless nights working in my studio, running on empty. 

the point where words stop working and pictures follow

sensory deprivation


More about this to follow.