I swam just under 3 hours yesterday and 3.5 hours today . In the last 5 days I’ve swum about 25-30km.

I notice my form goes in and out of whack quite a lot over the course of a long swim.
I think I might be swimming too much.

I need to do more drills using on high elbow, hand entry and pull to improve power and efficiency and avoid injury.

The advantage of doing this regularly after warm up is that it stays in ones short term memory; which means its easier to recall and perform during the main set.

As a corrective measure.

Probably best to concentrate on stroke and speed for next few days at least. Otherwise I risk injury and developing bad technique.

Relax. Streamline, 6 beat kick.  No splashing!

Do catch up drill to improve catch and pull.

Do not let elbows drop below water level.

Keep body close to surface