Harbour swim

Went with Tim for a short 4K swim in Dover Harbour today along with several other swimmers; Nils, Rohan,  Liz and Matt and Jane, a swimmer from Oz.

The water was lovely and warm, at least 17 degrees! I do hope it’s like that on my swim!

Tim was also training a group  of 11 year old girls who are preparing for a relay swim next year. Good luck to them! How amazing to be swimming the channel at such a young age!


Good swim 

I did a two hour swim in Dover harbour today . Short and sweet 

My first sea swim this year . The water temperature was around 14c

I went down with Mel and Tim and three other swimmers. Tim wanted to try out some feeds. I wanted to test my arm. 

My arm worked, but it took me about an hour to find my stroke. The feeds combined ovaltine and Endura and went down a treat. 

I can still taste sea salt in my mouth though and my tongue feels kind of numb . 

Post swim I ate a family pack of jelly babies , 6 mini battenberg cakes, a family sized portion of tiramisu, lots of nuts and a plate of pasta. 

Feeling sick now. 

Going to bed