Parliament Hill Lido

Just had a gorgeous swim at Parliament Hill Lido

Air temp 17

Water 14! 


It was my first visit and I am planning to make regular visits as part of my training schedule.

The pool is 60 m long and has a metal basin which does quite extraordinary things to light in the water. 

The pool is is only .75m at the shallow end. My  first thought was that it was too shallow for me to achieve a proper pull. 

After a few lengths of experimenting with my stroke I found this quite a useful restriction. In order to swim crawl in .75m I had to pull with my fingers close to the surface and focus on my high elbow catch . A blessing in disguise really. 

If I dropped my elbows or pulled too deep I’d stub my finger tips  on the bottom of the pool. It was v sore! So a good way of keeping my stroke in check. 

I aim to go at least twice a week, to get acclimatised to the cold. The other advantage is that in comparison to London Fields Lido it’s a very quiet and stress free pool. There were only 10 people in the water when I swam today. 

Also worth noting, there are no lane ropes. People swim lengths and widths. Some stand, others walk and doggie paddle . Some people swim the perimeter of the pool. 

Looking forward to returning!