Swimming in Video

The swim was documented in video by John Hartley. He shot about 2 hours of footage on  mini DV and HD using a GoPro. Tim also shot some clips on his iPhone.

I’m now in the process of revisiting the swim via this footage, editing the material to try to balance my experience in the water with John and Tim’s view of the swim from the boat. We each have our own set of interests, our own reasons for being there and looking.

John has expressed an interest in the “Outlandish” nature of the swim, the situation of being offshore, following a line, moving in a direction. He is also interested in the different scales of activity taking place, the small repetitive action of swimming, the catch and pull, the movement of waves and changing light, the shipping traffic, fishing, time, space. Its a very open view. His camera work follows me moving into and out of frame. I appear to be criss crossing the screen as I swim toward and away from the boat.

Tim’s video clips were posted to his twitter account during the swim to provide status updates.

John: ” When you’re swimming you see the bubbles. You see your hands. your arms and you’re thinking about this repetition, these very small scales around you. But then they add up. Something that is very tiny is very big and geographical, a cartographic scale; end to end. There is also a scale of activity. You know, the activity is tiny; catch, pull, recover. But its also enormous. “


Editing now .

Swimming in video


wet thumb

Here I am sitting in my studio, waiting for the go ahead to swim, trying to think clear thoughts, trying to remember those brilliant ideas that spring to mind when I’m swimming, but struggling to think of anything except swimming.

Let me at it!  I need sea!

Oh, I remember now.   I’m supposed to be looking for my old DV video camera . Steven Ball said there’s a chance he might be able to film my swim, but he doesn’t want to get his camera wet.

I can’t remember the last  time i used anything other than a camera phone to film with. It must be at least 3 years. I think I might just give him my nokia ZTE camera phone. That should do  it. I need to get an SD card for it thats all.

I do hope he doesn’t get sea sick though, for his sake. We’re not turning back if he does!

We’re not turning back if you get sea sick Steven!

Oh and BTW, don’t forget to bring your passport!

Right, enough of this. I know, its not much of a post. I could go on, but i think I just need  to find a pool and get my thumb wet.

Yes, my thumb. I cut it with a knife yesterday and haven’t been swimming since. I have been trying to keep it dry to give it time to heal.

Oh merd! is that the time!

got to swim now! BYEE!