Clear water 


Swimming,  what do I get from it?

Touch. It’s all about touch, physical contact; feeling

Today I was focusing on my breathing  ,

Breathing out through my nose, slowly.

I find that long shallow breathing keeps my  body close to the surface, which creates less resistance when moving forward.

The timing of the  breath, exhaling to coincide with different phases of ones stroke, contributes to a fuller, steadier catch and more powerful connection with the water. I find this  particularly noticeable  when doing  butterfly.

When exhaling I seem to have greater range of arm movement.

On single arm fly I’ve managed to do 50 metres in 12 strokes.

Full stroke varies between 13 strokes (easy) and 18 strokes (fast) .

I need to work on my kick.


Over Rotation

Tim says the cross over of my arms in the hand entry phase of my stroke  is due to over rotation when breathing.

Things to consider:

Breathe to the side,  not looking up at sky! Turn head to the side and look across water surface – one eye in the water and the other out of the water.

Keep hips flatter . Use this drill to practice



Enter handers at shoulder or aim to enter as wide as possible.

To  correct position of hands on entry alternate water polo heads up front crawl with regular front crawl. See water polo heads up below