Live Tracking

My English Channel swim is scheduled to take place between 8-20 July 2016.

There is no specific date for it  because  other swimmers are cued to cross before me. If their swims are delayed due to bad weather, this affects the timing of my swim.

The exact time of my swim will be announced on this blog and via my twitter feed. Please check back for updates.

Once I’m in the channel you can follow the trajectory of my swim and position in the sea   using  The Channel Swimming Association  live GPS tracking service.

To be precise, the track will be of my support vessel, the Viking Princess, which will be chugging along beside me.

To view the track of the Viking Princess please visit the link below

When you visit the link you will see information about the Viking Princess and at the bottom of the page you’ll see a map of the Dover Strait and a series of red markers forming a snail trail showing its (my) position and movement.