Live Tracking

My English Channel swim was  scheduled to take place between 8-20 July 2016

It was difficult to know exactly time of the swim  because  other swimmers were cued to cross before me. If their swims were delayed due to bad weather for instance, this affected the timing of my swim.

It was quite nerve wracking experience waiting. Then with something like 12 hours notice i  got the go ahead. I was setting off   on the morning of the 18th

Once I was in the sea it was possible for people to track my position using  The Channel Swimming Association  live GPS tracking service.

To be precise, the track was of of my support vessel, the Viking Princess

The image below shows the entire track of my swim (starting at Samphire Hoe in Dover at 10.20 am on 18th July and ending at Wissant Beach, France at 00.51, 19th July.

A time of 14hours 31 minutes