This is me thinking about swimming

More active rest


Day Off

No swimming today! 

Instead I did an hour of Recuperative Yoga under the instruction of Cesca at the Yoga Body Centre , Clapton Pond. 

In yoga body movement is governed by breathing. Just like swimming. 

I discovered some great stretches, but the best thing was finding a way of relaxing.


Afterwards returned home to sleep, text and bathe in hot water. Nice. 

Now to read some pottery

The Human Rattle

The more I swim, the more I try to push myself, the more I get injured.  

I need to devise s training strategy that involves more gradual increase in work load but also includes mix of hard and easy swimming. 

Practice rapid and slow changes in speed and intensity to get the body accustomed to different swimming conditions. 

Include   time for active rest. Going hard all the time is only going to lead to fatigue and dull the senses. Vary training, mix it up. 

Examples of active rest:

  • Focus on different parts of stroke on different days – for example on Monday swim front crawl and on Tuesday swim backstroke. 
  • Break sessions into sets alternating long and short swims, hard and easy. 
  • Think in terms of progressions
  • Stretch during and after swim. 
  • Do core training exercises – dry side
  • Walk
  • Cycle
  • Run
  • Read a book
  • Spend time with friends
  • Socialise. Nurture healthy, positive relationships with people .