Why when I need it the most can I not find big tubs of Vaseline in the shops?

I spent this afternoon wandering around Westfield shopping precinct in Stratford. Oh my dog (she said), I almost died!

it was mobbed, and so hot and humid one could hear the sound of sweat squelching between bum cheeks and arm pits and other bits and pits. It was grosse. Sticky skin on skin

I was looking for SD cards and a battery pack  for a GoPro hero2 Camera and Nokia c2. I also went looking for mini DV tapes. All for for John Hartley who is coming on the boat to make a piece about my swim.

When I asked the assistants in Curries if they had any mini Dv tapes in stock they didn’t have a scoobies what I was on about, “mini D what?” “What is that? Videotape? Eh?”

Steven Ball is no longer able to work on the project due to other commitments.




Author: riccardo iacono