What about the art?

I haven’t really written much about swimming in relation to my art work, not as much as I wanted to. I have mostly been writing about pain and injury. It is interesting how the body calls for attention. It distracts me from thoughts of drawing and breathing with messages; I am in pain and need repair. Dont think about that, think about me! This!

Though these messages tend to come after swimming, so my reflections on swimming tend to relate specifically to physical experience, and technique.

I am now icing my shoulder before I go to sleep. I have taken codein and anti-inflammatory tablets. All I can think about is recovering in time for my swim.

It’s a bit like the point in a painting when one becomes preoccupied with a tiny blob o colour, its application, texture; getting it to make sense in relation to the overall picture. The point when one might lose sight or sense of direction.

I feel that now. Lost.
I should sleep



Author: riccardo iacono