How I came to be injured

Yesterday I did some shoulder massage by applying pressure using a tennis ball. 

I think however, I may have done more damage than good as my shoulder blade is really painful and now it hurts when I lift my arm above shoulder level, or try to pick things up. 

It’s likely to be the result of a combination of factors really.  I think I may have  also aggravated my shoulder on Sunday at work.. It’s my right shoulder, which is difficult not to use.

 My concern is that if I Immobilise  my arm It may seize up . 

Finding the right balance between rest and exercise is quite difficult. 

I’m trying to stay positive about this. 

My swim is in a few weeks. Obviously I’m feeling a bit anxious about being fit to do it. 

Worrying won’t help. My best chance of doing the swim now is if I rest. 

At the moment my body is saying no. Mentally I need to believe that i can still do it, that it’s still possible.

Hopefully I will recover in time.

Must stretch and eat well. 


Author: riccardo iacono