One arm

It seems that since I’ve embarked on this project I have had nothing but one injury after another . 

I think I probably swim less now than I did before I started. I still have a niggling shoulder injury which I’m told isn’t serious as long as I take it easy and give myself time to recover. It’s frustrating though, as I should be upping my form now, doing harder, more demanding training. Instead I find myself doing the opposite. Today I swam for less than an hour at Parliament hill and I had a 20 minute swim at London fields. Just easy swimming. 

Swimming at the lido was good but this morning I had to stop because if shoulder pain. I hope it goes. I hope it goes quickly. 

On the 11th June I’m due to do a sea swim in Dover with Tim and on the 18th I’m doing the Champion of Champions! I’ve got to be injury free for that! 

I’m swimming the Channel in less than 6 weeks! 

I was asked earlier if I was still going to do it. 

Yes! I said, of course, even if I have to swim with one arm only!


Author: riccardo iacono