West Reservoir Swim

I’m supposed to be competing in a 3km swim organised by Capital Tri at the West Reservoir in Stoke Newington tomorrow morning. 

I have a niggling shoulder injury which leaves me in two minds as to whether or not to participate .

Sam, my osteo, says it’s a minor and thT I can swim as long as I don’t go too hard. Though he also seems to think in a race context this might be difficult. 

Tim thinks I should swim but take it easy.

5 hours to decide. 

(Of course I swam! Easy , all-day pace. 

Water temp bubbling 17 degrees!

 I then went on to do a training session with Tim and Lorcan at London fields. 

It’s Monday 23 May now. I don’t seem to have damaged my shoulder from yesterday’s swim. Good news!)


Author: riccardo iacono