I have be experiencing a whole range of health problems in the last week or so. 

My immune system is wrecked following two successive courses of antibiotics. This has left me vulnerable to illness and infection. 

What I thought was the beginning of an infection in my respiratory tract seems to be the result of allergy to pollen and air pollution. 

My problems breathing however have contributed to a build up of tension in my shoulders, which explains how I came to strain my shoulder swimming.

though minor this has meant I’ve had to take a rest from training for a few days. A few days without training feels like weeks! 

The most worrying symptoms I have are akin to chronic fatigue syndrome which is where no matter how much rest or sleep I have I feel exhausted and weak.

I think this might be triggered by stress. I have had this condition before, several years ago, for a month I was unable to stay awake. 

It passed after I changed my diet and stopped eating pasta, milk and wheat bread 

I need to fix this fast ! 

No more stress! 



Author: riccardo iacono