Good Swim

That’s what I’m looking for. It’s not an end, it’s s set of actions, checks, balances, pings. Lots of repetition. Testing, Testing. Checking, checking.


Now there is something to think about; doing the same thing over and over and over again. Repetitions to remember. Repetitions to forget. 

This is what happens when I swim.   I move between forgetting and remembering.

The main challenge I find is staying focussed on the stroke; finding the right stroke and holding it. 

How many strokes will it take to cross the channel? 

Well, if I swim 33 strokes per 50m and the channel swim is between 33 and 45km, that’s 660 strokes per kilometre; and between 21,780 and 29,700 strokes for the whole swim. 

Omg! I might sleep in today


How is your swimming ? It’s like asking how is your painting? How are you? What is your situation,  your position? How do you feel?


That’s what it is!

Feeling and memory

I’m tired , as you may have gathered from my rambling 

And, as you can probably  see, my mind has slipped from one area of concern to another . In the channel I expect my stroke will slip and decay quite a lot. 

I might end up swimming  doggy paddle by the end of it


Author: riccardo iacono