Camera-less film

I did some training with Red Top at London Fields Lido this morning. I was in two minds about going as I’m injured. In the end I decided to swim. Not that it was a difficult decision to make. I can’t *not swim!

See water and swim! That’s me.

Anyway, Tim wants to film me swimming, to show me areas of my stroke that need correcting.

Apparently on crawl I pull with a straight arm, which puts a lot of strain on my shoulder and neck! 😕 If I don’t bend my elbow on the catch I’m likely to seriously injure myself.

The idea of filming is to let me see myself. I’m probably going to be  shocked at the state I’m in!

The last time I was filmed it was on my backstroke and my left arm was bent in the weirdest way, as if I was trying to scratch my back! I used to have a strong backstroke but now, for various reasons, probably through lack of stretching or not getting feedback from an observer, it’s all gone nuts.

What I could do with however, is help getting at sense of my body position and movement *in the water, while I’m swimming.

So I can check that my hand entry is not too wide and that I’m not over extending or splashing, for example. Ways of seeing myself without a camera, so that I can continuously monitor and adjust my stroke while swimming. 

A camera-less selfie that is continuously refreshed

I wrote about this earlier: Systems Check and Pings


Author: riccardo iacono