Go Softly 

The reason why you almost chopped your finger off slicing onions Ricky is because your heart was racing and you were in a bad mood, not thinking about the task at hand, but things outside of your control instead.

You have a tendency to be over zealous and heavy handed. Go easy. Go softly. 

Perhaps if you swam less and increased the intensity of your training over a longer period of time you would not be incurring so many injuries. Your groin strain, neck strain, back strain are clear signs that you are doing something wrong! 

Now you have cut your finger, and it is affecting your stroke and it’s taking time to heal because it’s always getting wet. What are you like?! Are you going to carry on swimming with your injuries and risk making them worse or are you going to find an alternative form of exercise?

(Mumbles) find an alternative form of exercise..

Yes! (Good idea!) Do some dry side stretching excercises instead. Take the opportunity to read and write and draw!!

When you do return to swimming remember not to overdo it.

Remember :

soft hand entry

No Splashing!

6 beat kick 



Author: riccardo iacono