Never go swimming on a full stomach!

Never go swimming on a full stomach!

I have followed this advice since childhood, yet last Thursday  I  decided to swim with digestive problems and ended up straining my groin and neck!

My groin strain doesn’t seem to be too bad . With ice and rest it should be OK to exercise within a week.

My neck muscles however have seized up and are excruciatingly painful when I turn my head. My osteopath did some manipulations to release some of the tension

but said it would take some time before it calms down .

I am now taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets and muscle relaxants that make me drowsy.

So apart from being unable to swim, I have had to take time off work and incurred costs of treatment and medication.

Hopefully it will all pass quickly and I will have full mobility within 10 days.

A week without training, after swimming 3 hours a day,  is a bit of a setback however. I’m very annoyed at myself about this.

Watch your diet!

Correct diet and timing of feeds are key factors to consider when training and competing and facilitate good swimming technique and energy  production


Author: riccardo iacono