studio work

  Mostly drills today

butterfly kick 300m

front crawl kick 300m

backstroke kick 300m

sculling on front 300M

doggie paddle 100m

sculling on back feet first 50m

single arm crawl 300m

single arm fly 400m

fly break stroke drill 300m

Backstroke front crawl 300m

some other stuff (stopped counting)

not particularly taxing on heart and lungs.

technique is improving though. Sculling definitely helps and the 333 mix of butterfly, Brest stroke and crawl.

the best set for cardio

100m alternating front crawl full stroke and backstroke kick.

*tomorrow to swim 1000m alternating backstroke kick and front crawl full.  No resting


The thing about all this writing is that it follows hours of swimming, which often involves thinking about nothing but swimming, in particular technique, breathing; trying to maintain good form over a long distance.

I’m not sure if it makes for particularly interesting reading however.

Often after swimming I feel quite drained and the first thing I think about on leaving the water is hydration and nutrition.

The trick is to have quality nutrition to hand: bananas, nuts, water and then to eat a hearty meal, lots of protein!

“stay away from chocolates and cake” i keep telling myself as i lunge at the nearest sugar fix


Author: riccardo iacono